Guitar Storage Closets: Efficient Use of Space or Limited Option?

shelves holding many black guitar cases

Whether you’re a pro musician, a retail store who’s tight-on-space, or a collector with a serious case of guitar acquisition syndrome, you may be considering (if you haven’t already) utilizing your closet space to hold your excess instruments. This guide will take a deep look at guitar storage closets as a specialized yet underutilized option for stashing away your collection. We’ll dissect the functionality, practicality, and various considerations of transforming ordinary closets into secure spaces for all your stuff, helping you decide if this storage solution is the right one for you.

What are Guitar Storage Closets?

Guitar storage closets are typically jam-packed with instruments, amps and accessories that’s been stashed out of sight to help free up space in your regular living area or recording studios – which you prefer to remain clutter-free. And so closets can offer you a refuge for all your axes – making use of drawers, cabinets, shelves and such to hold all your stuff. If you’re like most guitar hoarders, you probably just stacked up all your cases here, out of sight, from floor-to-ceiling without giving it much more thought than that. While this method can maximize unused closet space, it’s important to consider if the limited accessibility and customization options meet your specific storage needs.

a closeup of a closet full of guitar cases leaning against each other
Surely your favorite instruments deserve better treatment than this!

The Upsides of Guitar Storage Closets

On the one hand, closets can offer you some advantages that can be especially appealing to musicians who are looking for efficient, protective, and private solutions for your instruments. Here are some key benefits to consider if you’re thinking about utilizing a closet for storing your guitars:

  1. Space Efficiency: They’re obviously ideal if you have limited room elsewhere to put all your gear.
  2. Protection: These spaces provide controlled environments, shielding guitars from dust, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.
  3. Organization: If you’re handy enough in configuring your closet, you could put together a fairly systematic setup, ensuring easy access to your instruments with the help of shelves, drawers and more.
  4. Privacy & Security: Closets can help you protect your instruments by keeping them hidden from plain view and safely out of reach from children, pets and unauthorized access.

The Downsides of Using Your Closet Space

While guitar storage closets offer numerous benefits, they also come with certain drawbacks that might affect their suitability for your specific needs. And so, here are some of the main challenges you might encounter if you choose to use closets for this purpose:

  1. Limited Capacity: The size constraints of your closets can obviously restrict the number of guitars that you can fit. God forbid this forced you to downsize your collection 😱
  2. Accessibility Challenges: Retrieving and storing your instrument in crowded or disorganized closets can pose logistical challenges and make it extra-hard to retrieve a guitar that’s either all the way in the back, or under a pile.
  3. Climate Control Issues: Maintaining optimal humidity levels within your closets without dedicated guitar humidifier tools may prove challenging, risking damage to your valuable and delicate instruments.
  4. Aesthetic Concerns: Some people may find the visual appeal of storing guitars in closets less desirable compared to alternative options.

Enhancing Closet Organization with Innovative Shelving Solutions

If your committed to using your closets to keep your collection, there are some innovative shelving solutions like the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Shelves to help you make the best of it.

closeup of shelves in a closet, filled with guitar cases

These double-decker, rolling guitar carts will help you optimize the vertical space in your closet, while taking up a fairly small footprint without compromising aesthetics either.

Case Study: Customer Closet Transformation

Below is a before-and-after glimpse of a customer’s guitar closet project, showcasing the transformative potential of implementing dedicated storage solutions like guitar hangers and the Carousel™ Deluxe rotating guitar stand which can fit 6 guitars in just 3 ft of space!

before and after side-by-side comparison of a closet space filled with guitars

Summary: Final Considerations and Recommendations

In summary, the decision to adopt a guitar storage closet hinges on your individual needs and considerations. By examining the pros and cons and exploring alternative options, you can make an informed decisions to effectively protect and organize your collection of instruments.