Asbury Park Jazz & Blues Festival

asbury park jazz and blues festival
asbury-park jazz and blues festival

The Guitar Storage staff paid a visit to the Asbury Park Jazz & Blues Festival, held outside convention hall. And sponsored by the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Society. It was well attended and parking was tough. It’s another great example of how far Asbury Park has come the last few years, considering a mid Summer visit to that city a decade or so ago would have resembled a ghost town. Now it’s thriving.

They had a full slate of good bands. But the highlight for us was the Jimmy Pritchard Band featuring Matt Daniels. They’re 2014 International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalists and they proved it. Matt’s become a virtuoso guitarist and performer and the tones Matt got out of his vintage Silvertone guitar were truly amazing. We can also give a big nod for that to our friend, Master Luthier, George Goumas ( who provided Matt with what he needed to create that wonderful tone with his fingertips.

Check out Matt and the band doing Freddie King’s Remington Ride. Nuff said!

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