Shop Premium Guitar Humidifiers for Optimal Care

Explore a Range of Humidity Control Systems Designed to Protect Your Valuable Instruments

How to Shop for the Best Guitar Humidifiers

If your instruments are not stored at constant and appropriate temperature and humidity levels, the instruments’ condition could deteriorate. That’s why guitar humidifier products are a necessary component of upkeep. Use these tools listed below to help keep your guitars looking and sounding their best.

Exploring the Different Types of Guitar Humidifiers

✓ Sound Hole Humidifiers

Sound hole humidifiers are designed to hang inside the soundhole of your guitar, directly addressing the instrument’s interior humidity levels. They’re easy to use and are ideal for acoustic guitars, providing targeted moisture where it’s needed most.

✓ Guitar Case Humidifiers

For guitarists who store their instruments in cases, case humidifiers are an excellent option. They help maintain a consistent humidity level within the guitar case, protecting your instrument from the outside environment. This type is especially useful for musicians who travel frequently with their guitars.

✓ Room Humidifiers

If you keep your guitar in a specific room or studio, a room humidifier can help maintain the overall humidity of the space. This is beneficial for multiple instruments and can prevent the need for individual humidifiers for each guitar.

An Alternative Approach: The ShowCase Deluxe Guitar Cabinet

For guitarists seeking a comprehensive solution that combines storage, display, and humidity control, the ShowCase Deluxe Guitar Cabinet offers an innovative alternative. This elegant cabinet not only showcases your guitar in a visually stunning manner but also provides a controlled environment to help maintain optimal humidity levels. Equipped with a Boveda packet, the ShowCase Deluxe ensures your guitar is better protected from fluctuations in humidity, offering peace of mind and convenience. It can serve as an all-in-one solution, providing a secure, beautiful and humidity-controlled home for your instrument. To be clear though, it is NOT hermetically sealed. If you need more precise humidity regulation, we recommend you purchase another cabinet with a hermetic seal and a built-in humidifier/dehumidifier module.

instructional slide depicting the placement of a Boveda packet in a guitar display case