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Looking for new and lucrative guitar-related products to retail? Look no further! We offer drop-shipping services for both on-line and brick-and-mortar retailers. That’s right, you get the opportunity to sell our popular guitar storage products… and you don’t have to stock a thing!


  • demo in style

    Demo-ing guitars for your customers can be a risky proposition. Especially with high-end vintage guitars, the last thing you want is a bunch of flimsy single stands that could get knocked over and eat up valuable floor space. But products like our Carousel™ Rotating Guitar Stand can fit 6 guitars in only 3 feet of floor space! Let your customers sit in a stool right next to the Carousel™ with the guitars rotating to them. And there's plenty of room to spare for other customers to walk around without the risk of tripping over haphazardly placed instruments.

  • conserve space

    Not just the Carousel™ but ALL our stands and case racks are designed to pack a maximum amount of instruments in a minimum amount of space. From your retail showroom to your storage space and workshop in the back, we provide instrument storage solutions to keep everything neat and organized. Our Session-Pro™ and Band Room Double-Stack™ guitar racks can hold as many as 20 guitars and/or cases in a small amount of space. Plus, they're outfitted with heavy duty wheels that make it super easy to move large amount of instruments back and forth around your store.

  • make money
    MAKE $$$

    We'll send you a floor model (at a deep discount) so your in-store shoppers can see, touch, and appreciate these unique and beautiful products up close. We can also supply you with a full-color product brochure so shoppers can see all models available to purchase through your store. When your customers order with you, we can dropship the product to your store or directly to your customer. If you'd like to stock these products, so your customers can leave your store with their purchase in hand, we can offer you even further wholesale discounts. Furthermore, if you sell to schools, you can make additional $$$ selling our sister line of school instrument storage products.


"folks are emailing and calling about it""Just set this Carousel (multi guitar stand) up in my shop, Mighty Fine Guitars, in Lafayette, CA, took a picture and sent it up to Facebook and already folks are emailing and calling about it. Super-pleased with it."

"Your racks are a great fit""It is allowing us to keep our cases out on the sales floor with the guitars. It is a big store so organizing our floor space is of great importance. The next 2 racks will be used to store our back room guitars. Your racks are a great fit for us and we are very happy with the quality of the racks and the outstanding customer service we have received. Thanks again." – Jeff H. (Pawn Shop Store Manager)

"very organized""We love the rack which was very easy to put together… now our cases are sitting in the in the rack very organized… sadly they do hide the beauty of the craftsmanship." – Lauren R. – Rhamblin Rhodes Music



Q: Do you dropship?
Absolutely. We can dropship to your store or directly to your customer.

Q: Can you send me an updated catalog and Dealer Pricing?
Absolutely. Please fill out the form below.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity order size for dealers?
Yes. Details are contained in the catalog. Please fill out the form below.