Key Features

  • Enjoy premium USA-made craftsmanship without breaking the bank
  • Future-proof your guitar storage with adaptable design
  • Simple assembly requires no hardware and no tools
  • Nitrocellulose-safe materials to protect your vintage instruments
  • A reassuring money-back guarantee for peace of mind

The VersaRack™ Multi Guitar & Case Stand

A Stylish, Budget-Friendly Storage Solution that Adapts to Your Needs

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Key Features

  • Enjoy premium USA-made craftsmanship without breaking the bank
  • Future-proof your guitar storage with adaptable design
  • Simple assembly requires no hardware and no tools
  • Nitrocellulose-safe materials to protect your vintage instruments
  • A reassuring money-back guarantee for peace of mind

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A Budget-Friendly Multiple Guitar Stand to Help You Organize Your Music Room or Studio

Are you overwhelmed by clutter in your music room or studio? Many multiple guitar stands on the market can help you get organized, but they’re often flimsy AND unattractive solutions. If you want more bang-for-your-buck, the VersaRack is for you – a new breed of instrument stand that’s both budget-friendly and effortlessly stylish. This wood rack transforms from a case holder into a sleek multi-guitar stand with add-ons to hold either 3 or 6 guitars. From organization to preserving your vintage instruments’ beauty, the VersaRack is versatile enough to tackle it all.

An Inexpensive Guitar Rack That’s Feature-Rich

Though the VersaRack may be considered an inexpensive multi guitar rack compared to other offerings, you’ll enjoy a wealth of exceptional features, including:

✓ Versatile Configurations: Customize Your Storage to Suit Your Needs

You can easily transform the VersaRack from a case rack into a guitar stand or a hybrid combo for both instruments and cases, providing you the flexibility you desire.

Arriving as a guitar case rack, it allows you to neatly organize and secure your instrument cases. But that’s just the beginning. With the 6-guitar add-on you can reconfigure the VersaRack to hold your axes without their cases, creating a sturdy and reliable multiple guitar stand. Alternatively, with the 3-guitar add-on you can create a unique combo-stand that accommodates both guitars and cases. The choice is yours!

✓ Premium Protection for Your Vintage Guitars: Nitrocellulose-Safe Design Ensures Optimal Preservation

Preserving the integrity of your vintage guitars is of utmost importance. The VersaRack understands this need and features a nitrocellulose-safe design. This means you can confidently store your cherished vintage instruments without worrying about damage to their delicate finishes. With the VersaRack, your vintage guitars are well-protected, allowing you to maintain their timeless beauty (and value) for years to come.

✓ Easy Assembly: No Hardware Needed for Immediate Set Up

Setting up your multi guitar stand has never been easier. The VersaRack boasts a hassle-free assembly process that requires zero hardware! Within minutes, you can have your VersaRack ready to accommodate your guitars or cases, enabling immediate use.

✓ USA Craftsmanship & Ingenuity: A Unique Storage Solution Built to Last

Crafted with durability in mind, the American-made VersaRack is engineered to ensure your guitars and cases are securely supported for years to come.

✓ Money Back Guarantee for Peace of Mind

Need further re-assuring? Read our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (click RETURNS tab above for details).

✓ Elevate His Collection This Father’s Day

The VersaRack is a top pick for a modestly priced Father’s Day present for guitar collectors, offering both exceptional protection and a beautiful wooden stand for his prized instruments.

Conclusion: The VersaRack: A Game-Changer in Guitar Storage

Experience the transformative versatility and convenience of the VersaRack. Say goodbye to clutter and disorganization and embrace the freedom to configure your music room space to suit your needs. Safeguard your vintage guitars with the nitrocellulose-safe design, knowing they’re well protected. With easy assembly and a variety of storage options, the VersaRack is the ultimate remedy for collectors and music studios alike. Don’t miss out on this game-changing guitar storage innovation. Order your VersaRack today and elevate your storage experience.


CAPACITY*Up to 6 cases6 Guitars3 Guitars +
*Up to 3 cases
DIMENSIONS46 ½" W x 29" H x 20" D46 ½" W x 29" H x 20" D46 ½" W x 29" H x 20" D

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the VersaRack transform from a case holder to a guitar stand?
A: Transforming the VersaRack is a breeze. Simply insert the 3-guitar or 6-guitar add-on, place the protective foam on the bottom rails – and it seamlessly becomes a stylish guitar stand!

Q: How many cases will VersaRack hold?
A: *The case-only variation (VR6C) will fit a mix of approximately 6 acoustic and electric guitar cases and the hybrid model (VR3G) will fit up to 3 cases. If you have only acoustic cases, or if you have gig bags with side pockets that jut out, the capacity may be lessened. The best way to determine how many cases will fit is to measure all your cases side-by-side. The Versa Case Rack will fit a total width of 42 inches. They hybrid will fit a total width of 19.5 inches of space for cases.

Q: Is the VersaRack suitable for all types of guitars and cases?
A: The VersaRack is designed to accommodate most common, regularly-shaped guitar types and standard-sized cases, including acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. However, atypical guitars and cases like flying Vs will not fit.

Q: What’s the maximum weight capacity of the VersaRack?
A: The VersaRack can comfortably support the weight of both guitars and cases, solid or hollow-body, ensuring stability and security.

Q: What type of wood is the VersaRack made from?
A: The VersaRack is constructed using high-quality, durable Baltic Birch wood to provide long-lasting performance, like all our wooden guitar stands do.

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  1. What a find. Excellent craftsmanship, easy to put together, and it looks amazing

    Lori S.

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