• Neatly diminish clutter, housing your guitar cases in an orderly, space-saving rack
  • Choose from various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your space
  • Cherry-stained hardwood rails provide elegance and sturdy support
  • Hardwood dowels protect your cases: remaining separated and upright
  • Unique “F”-hole shaped cutouts on the sides add an aesthetic appeal
  • Optional Wheel Kit for enhanced mobility
  • Take pride in USA Made craftsmanship

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The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case Stand

Beautiful, Space-Saving Guitar Case Storage Racks

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  • Neatly diminish clutter, housing your guitar cases in an orderly, space-saving rack
  • Choose from various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your space
  • Cherry-stained hardwood rails provide elegance and sturdy support
  • Hardwood dowels protect your cases: remaining separated and upright
  • Unique “F”-hole shaped cutouts on the sides add an aesthetic appeal
  • Optional Wheel Kit for enhanced mobility
  • Take pride in USA Made craftsmanship

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A Stylish & Compact Multi Guitar Case Stand to Declutter Your Space, Available in Multiple Sizes

Are you challenged with having guitar cases cluttering your music room or studio, disrupting the harmony of your creative space? This common issue not only affects the neatness of your environment but can also hinder the efficiency of accessing your instruments. And the disarray of cases scattered about can also detract from the aesthetics and functionality of your music area.

To address this need for orderliness without sacrificing style, explore a practical and elegant solution. The Studio Standard multi guitar case stand, a beautiful wood solution that offers a more economical yet equally effective alternative to the Studio Deluxe model. Available in multiple sizes, it provides ample capacity to organize your collection, saving you space while adding a touch of sophistication to your room.

Discover the Benefits of This Top Guitar Case Rack

Learn why this guitar case rack is a top choice for those seeking a balance of efficient storage and appealing aesthetics for your musical space:

✓ Elegantly Stand, Separate & Protect Your Cases

Adjustable hardwood dowels will securely hold and separate your cases. Worry no more about the scuff marks you otherwise get on walls or cases from piling all your cases on top of each other or leaning them against each other.

✓ Securely Holds Both Your Acoustics & Electrics

The Studio Standard is designed to fit most types of acoustic and electric instrument cases including hardshells, molded cases, gig bags and more.

Studio Standard guitar rack holding acoustic and electric cases

✓ Proud American-made Craftsmanship

The Studio is handcrafted and made in the USA and designed and built to last by a passionate team of people who deeply care about your satisfaction.

✓ Simple, Hassle-free Assembly

You can quickly and easily assemble your stand with just a single hex wrench (included).

✓ Optional Wheel Kit For On-the-move Convenience

If you would like the ability to easily move your stand around the room, we now offer an optional wheel kit add-on (drill required for assembly).

✓ Your Satisfaction Guaranteed With Our Money Back Promise

Need further re-assuring? Read our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (click RETURNS tab above for details).

✓ Discover the Perfect Father’s Day Gift to Support Your Dad’s Passion

Searching for a killer Father’s day gifts for a guitar collector? Look no further than the Studio Standard, an ideal solution to store all your dad’s gear and tidy up his space.


CAPACITY*5-7 cases*7-9 cases
DIMENSIONS37 ½" W x 37" H x 23" D49" W x 37" H x 23" D

Frequently Asked Questions

*Q: Exactly how many cases will fit in the Regular and Grande models?
A: The Regular model will fit a mix of approximately 5-7 acoustic and electric cases. The Grande model will fit a mix of approximately 7-9 acoustic and electric cases. But if you have only acoustic cases, or you have some gig bags with side pockets that jut out, the capacity may be lessened. To maximize the storage capacity, you could remove the dowels/separators to gain approximately 7 inches additional storage space. The best way to determine how many cases will fit is to measure all your cases side-by-side. The Regular model will fit a total width of 36″. The Grande will fit a total width of 47.5″.

Q: Can the rack hold cases for Gibson Flying V, Firebirds, Explorers and other odd-shaped instruments?

Cases for Gibson Firebirds and Explorers should fit without a problem. Flying Vs should fit if one of the sides and the bottom of the case form a right angle. While not designed for it, Flying V cases with a wedge-shaped bottom may be able to be positioned to sit in the rack but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Will it hold cases for ukuleles or mandolins?
A: No it will not. If you want to hold mandolin and ukulele cases in addition to guitar cases, please see our Studio Deluxe racks.

Q: Can I order a custom size version?
A: Sorry but we are not accepting customization requests at this time.

Q: How many inches of space are needed between the rack and the wall so that the cases do not rub against the wall?
A: It can vary somewhat depending on the case model but in general we suggest you leave approximately 6″ of space.

Q: What are the STANDARD model side pieces made from?
A: The curved sides are made of simulated cherry wood grain, scuff-resistant, high pressure laminate over an MDF wood core. The 3 support rails are solid hardwood.

Q: What are the DELUXE models made from?
A: The side pieces are made of real wood veneer over an MDF core, with herringbone inlay along the edges. The 4 support rails are solid hardwood.

Q: How high will my guitars sit from the floor? I keep my guitars in my basement and always worry about flooding.
A: Guitars and cases, when on the racks, sit approximately 3 inches above the floor. Of course, if flooding is a threat where you live, we strongly encourage you to avoid keeping your guitars in a basement.

Q: Can the rack be placed directly against the wall?
A: Because the guitars/cases need to lean, you will need a few inches of clearance. Anywhere from about 2 to 7″ depending on the rack and guitar or case size.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?
A: Yes we do. Contact us for further details.

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  1. perfect storage for 6 guitars, nice quality, simple assembly

    john h.

  2. The rack was exactly what I needed. Assembly was quick and easy and the fit and finish are excellent.

    Robert H.

  3. This my second piece I purchased from Guitar Storage. The first was the pro/studio double decker, and the most recent was the single row, larger version of the standard rack that holds cases. This was MUCH easier to assemble with one person than the double decker (that double decker was NOT a good idea to do alone!). The end result of the new rack is the same as my original double decker….high quality, good looking rack that holds my guitar cases. I did not use the pegs on the smaller rack, or the dividers on the double decker….I just feel I can get more and if careful shouldn’t have any problems with scratching cases.

    Todd K.

  4. If you don’t use the pegs it will hold more cases

    Gene K.

  5. Great rack I wish the sides were 3/4 ply and the back of the sides were finished with the same material as the front. Other than that I like it.

    Gene K.

    • Thank you for your feedback. The thickness is indeed 3/4. Regarding the back sides, we avoid trim on the back edge because 99% of the time customers place the rack against the wall. To keep the rack as affordable as possible, we felt back trim was not necessary. However, if we get many similar requests to yours we would reconsider. Thanks for the input and glad you like your rack!


  6. I love my new guitar storage piece. It is a beautiful, well-made addition to my music room and organizes my guitars. I actually feel calmer now because they are so neatly stored.

    Sheree V.

  7. Wish the sides had been plywood

    Gene K.

  8. Great product! Looks good, great quality and they have awsome customer service too!!!

    Izzy D. (verified owner)

  9. Excellent piece! Beautifully finished

    Renato G.

  10. As always the case rack that I received was awesome! This is the third case rack that I have purchased and they are well constructed and very easy to assemble! And Guitar Storage customer service and support is second to none!! A++++++

    Joel D.

  11. Great product. It’s great to have all (well most) of my guitars in one spot. I’m no longer moving cases to get to other cases. Really cleared up my studio space and some other areas.

    Dallas S.

  12. Well-made, attractive, and functional. This allows my guitars to be protected in their cases yet quickly accessible. The design handles acoustic and electric cases well, even rectangular cases. It really helps clean up the clutter.

    Terry M.

  13. This is my second Rack from your company. It works great with all my guitar/mandolin/ banjo cases. If I acquire more instruments, I will definitely get a third rack from you.

    John B.

  14. Guitar case rack arrived when promised. Fit my guitars perfectly. Looks great!

    James R.

  15. Rack is wonderful and well put together.
    3 stars because it should have only cost $200 tops, not over $425.00.

    Wayne W.

    • Hi Wayne. We’re glad you’re enjoying the rack but very sorry you feel you overpaid. With supply chain issues and wood prices through the roof, profit margins have been greatly reduced. But we have to be able stay in business and keep up with the pricing from our suppliers. We make every attempt to make all our (USA Made) products as affordable as possible. We would truly like nothing better than to lower our prices.


  16. Great product! Sturdy, well-constructed, easy to assemble.

    Derek B.

  17. Holes were drilled crooked on one of the bottom rails, but replacement was promptly shipped. I ordered the big rack hoping it would hold 7 instruments. It would only hold 6. It is wide enough to hold the 7, but due to the large diameter of the pegs there was a lot wasted space between the cases. I would recommend you add more holes and smaller diameter dowels to make better use of the capacity of the rack. I had a friend to add a metal channel with pegs that slide back and forth to provide unlimited spacing. The pegs simply twist to tighten at desired location.

    Joel A.

    • Hi Joel. We appreciate the feedback you have shared with us. We are sorry to hear you ran into an issue. The dowels do not need to be used between every case, and often not at all. Cases typically stand without the dowels. That being said, the dowels are offered in various positions as we don’t know what spaces customers may want left empty if their rack is not totally filled. Customers could simply place the cases next to each other and use one dowel on the end as a bookend if they prefer. That way the rack should be able to hold 7 cases or more.


  18. The best!!! Beautiful yet so very functional solution to instrument storage in our home music room!

    Marcy B.

  19. This is an outstanding solution to storing your guitar cases. I really like the flexibility of the pegs to determine how best to organize your cases, especially since they come in widths and shapes. It’s very well designed.

    Henry G.

  20. The guitar stand looks great and was easy to put together. Worth it to get the guitars off of the floor and looking great.

    Linda L.

  21. I’m very pleased with the Studio Standard Guitar Case Stand. It is well designed and looks even better in person. I highly recommend it.

    Rick K.

  22. Perfect guitar case holder. I went from a mess of a room to having much more floor space. It looks like a nice piece of furniture as well. I only wish the whole thing was solid wood.

    Brent R.

    • Hi Brent. We appreciate the feedback! So happy to hear you are making good use of the rack. Note, the Deluxe version of the Studio rack is a solid wood version, with decorative inlays as well.


  23. The guitar stand case works well. I have the smaller version and it only holds 4 cars, not the 5-7 as advertised. It looks nice and I feel the cases are secure using the divider pegs.

    Greg G.

    • Hi Greg. We appreciate your feedback! You may have been using the dowels pegs for all cases, which is not necessary as you can use the cases themselves like bookends and gain room for a few more guitars that way. You can see that in some of the pictures of the rack on the website.


  24. I’m in the process of finishing our basement so that I can set up a music room. I wanted something to safely organize and store my cased guitars. I found the Guitar Studio on line and , based on the reviews, decided to take a chance. I ordered the standard Guitar Studio with the option wheel package. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Assembly was straightforward (actually easy)… this unit is very well engineered and the materials are excellent.

    I’m almost ready to set up my music room. The Guitar Studio is ready for action! I can’t wait to load it up. It was the perfect solution for me. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Paul K.

  25. Holds more standard bass and guitar cases than advertised, actually. Easy to assemble, very sturdy, smart system of pegs/holes to further stabilize cases in the rack. A much better, safer alternative to traditional multiple guitar racks or wall hangers, while still allowing easy access to each instrument. Well worth the price.

    Paul G.

  26. superexcellent.

    gerald m.

  27. it’s a stylish and well made rack for storing your guitars in their cases. the pegs are well fitting but are easily removed, and even though the rack is for between 4 and 5 cases, you can remove a few pegs and store 6 cases, which is perfect for me. I can store a les paul, an sg, a d18, a white falcon, a cj, and a casino, ALL in their cases. sturdy, not weighed down, and takes everything off the floor. perfect.

    Juan p.

  28. I own six of the guitar case storage racks. They are well built beautiful pieces of furniture that stores your guitars perfectly. I am at the point of needing rack number seven and it will be another Guitar Storage rack for sure. Plus the folks at Guitar Storage are great to deal with.

    Larry H.

  29. I ordered two of the large and I am glad I did. They went together easily and are a very attractive addition to my music corner furniture.

    Steve G.

  30. The best case stahd money can buy. Very pleased

    Peter S.

  31. I bought this guitar case stand for my husband who has several cases that keep marking up the walls. Thank heavens he liked it and is actively using it, so no more marked up walls. Very happy.

    Deborah L. (verified owner)

  32. I’m using this in my basement. I keep my guitars in their cases when they’re not in use. I was so happy when I found a case stand at an affordable price. I’ve had it for about 8 months and never had an issue with it. It’s super sturdy! And it has a great finish!

    Alper M.

  33. this has been perfect for me in my small studio space! Highly recommend it.

    Eric C.

  34. ok, we got lucky because this BEAUTIFUL guitar rack fit exactly perfectly where we needed it! and had the EXACT width to fit all our guitars in their cases – we LOVE it!!

    steve G.

  35. My guitar storage system is great. It looks good and safely holds the guitars that aren’t hidden under beds and in closet.

    Dave R.

  36. Small house, lots of instruments. This is the perfect solution. Four guitars and three banjos up off the floor and easily accessible.

    GatorDome F.

  37. I am very satisfied with my purchase of ‘The Studio Standard Guitar Case Stand’. It was very easy to assemble and is very sturdy. Additionally, it looks very nice and holds my guitars in a stable and good position. I would buy it again without a doubt if my collection grows.

    Jim F.

  38. fantastic product with excellent packing and shipping.

    harry n. (verified owner)

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