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From Stockroom to Showroom: Discover Space-Saving Solutions for Your Music Shop

In the challenging world of musical instrument retail, presentation AND space-optimization are key to maximizing revenue per-square-foot. An appealing and well-organized showroom floor can significantly impact your customers’ shopping experience as well as your cash register. Fortunately, offers a range of high-quality storage solutions that not only enhance the display of guitars on your showroom floor but also maximize backroom and warehouse storage space efficiently. These innovative solutions not only add aesthetic value to your space but also ensure that every instrument, from the rarest collectible to the latest hot-selling model, is displayed in its best light for maximum appeal.

Optimizing Showroom Space with Smart Storage

Our storage solutions are designed with space optimization in mind. By consolidating more guitars into fewer, more stable stands, we help you utilize your showroom and storage areas more efficiently. This approach not only creates a more organized and visually appealing space but also allows for showcasing a larger variety of guitars without overcrowding the area.

Stable Guitar Stands for a Safer Showroom

The safety aspect of your instrument display is paramount. A showroom floor that’s littered with flimsy guitar stands is not only unappealing, it’s also be a hazard to your instruments and more importantly your customers who walk among the chaos🚶

The stability and reliability of our our finely-engineered, USA-Made line of multiple guitar stands significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents in your store. By consolidating instruments and minimizing floor hazards, you’ll be ensuring a safer environment for your customers and your staff. With our products, you can maintain a professional and secure retail space, safeguarding both your inventory and the people who come to admire it.

rows of guitars in stands, with a sign that says "caution tripping hazard"
A typical showroom floor packed with cheap, flimsy stands – i.e. an accident waiting to happen.

Explore Professional & Decorative Displays from

Our storage solutions offer a professional, decorative alternative that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your showroom but also reduces floor clutter. By consolidating more instruments into fewer, more stable stands you’ll significantly minimize the risk of accidents, protecting both your valuable instruments and your customers.

Consider these top solutions to make the most of your retail floor space:

✓ The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks – Storage-on-demand for Your Showroom AND Stockroom

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack is superior quality mobile guitar shelving system that offers unparalleled storage for up to 20 guitars in minimum space. Its high capacity, coupled with easy mobility, allows for simple organization, even in constrained spaces. Like so many of our other products, it can hold acoustics and store electrics too.

A guitar shelf rack on a retail floor and in a back closet
Whether front showroom or back stockroom, you’ll regain valuable real-estate with this high-capacity, mobile, storage-on-demand solution.


The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack is a revolutionary solution for maximizing space on your retail floor. Its high capacity design, combined with the ease of mobility, makes it an ideal choice for organizing and displaying a large variety of guitars in a limited space. The ability to move the rack around with ease allows for dynamic use of floor space, adapting quickly to changing displays or customer needs while also making it easy for your cleaning team to conduct their business (move rack, vacuum, move back).


In the stockroom or warehouse, the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack truly shines. Its design is not just about storage capacity; it’s about accessibility and efficiency in tighter spaces. The wheels on the rack provide the flexibility to move inventory as needed, simplifying the task of managing and accessing guitars, whether it’s for restocking your showroom or for inventory checks. This mobility ensures that every guitar is always within reach, no matter where it’s stored.

✓ The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Multi-Guitar Stand – Ideal for Consolidation & Demoing

The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand is a game-changer for retailers. This beautiful wooden guitar stand, sporting mahogany surfaces and herringbone inlays, can hold 6 or 12 guitars in just 3 sq ft of floor space 😮

3 side-by-side photos of rotating guitar stands, in retail stores

A Superior Demoing Solution

As you well know, demoing guitars for your customers can be a risky proposition. Especially with high-end vintage guitars, the last thing you want is a bunch of flimsy single stands that could get knocked over and eat up valuable floor space as your client switches from instrument to instrument. But with the Carousel, your customers can sit in a stool, couch, bench, etc. right next to the stands and demo your instruments without even having to get up out of their seats – providing a memorable customer experience they’ll appreciate.

a before vs after render of a man sitting in an instrument store, surrounded by guitars

✓ The ShowCase™ Deluxe Guitar Display Case – A Centerpiece to Highlight Your Best Instruments

Highlight your most mouth-watering offerings with the ShowCase™ Deluxe Guitar Display Case. Its LED lighting and humidity control features are perfect for displaying delicate instruments, ensuring they remain in top condition while attracting customer attention.

a wall lined with guitar display cases
With the ShowCase, every guitar is displayed in its best light, attracting more eyeballs, more demo requests and more sales.

The carefully designed LED lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of each guitar but also creates an inviting ambiance that draws customers in. Furthermore, the advanced guitar humidity control system provides an optimal environment for preserving the quality of delicate wooden instruments, making it an indispensable asset for any guitar retailer.

✓ The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack – Eliminate Scuffed Walls, Floors & Cases

The Studio™ Deluxe offers a comprehensive solution for elegantly displaying guitar cases, while effectively eliminating common issues like scuffed walls and floors. This guitar case rack, designed to hold multiple instruments, not only presents them in an attractive and orderly fashion but also protects your retail environment and the cases themselves from wear and tear.

Guitar case rack next to wall-hung instruments and a clothing display.
The Studio eliminates worries about toppled cases and scuffed walls or floors. What’s more, it just looks great in your showroom!

Its thoughtful design ensures that cases are stored securely, preventing them from toppling over and maintaining the pristine condition of both the cases and your showroom space. Moreover, its space-saving configuration allows customers to easily browse and select their preferred cases, enhancing their shopping experience and the overall aesthetic of your store.

✓ The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands – An Eye-Catching Alternative to Cheap Single Stands

The Session™ Deluxe multi-guitar stands are an exemplary choice for retailers looking to maximize display efficiency while adding a touch of high-end elegance to your showroom. Capable of accommodating up to seven guitars in a remarkably compact setting, these stands are a testament to intelligent design and space utilization.

multi guitar stand with f-hold cutouts, holding 7 instruments next to a closeup shot
With the Session Deluxe, you SECURELY fit 7 guitars in a very compact space while adding a sense of elegance to your showroom.

The sleek, professional look of the Session Deluxe not only elevates the overall aesthetics of your showroom but also creates an inviting atmosphere that showcases your guitars as premium items. Furthermore, this efficient use of space doesn’t just improve the visual appeal of the area; it also makes for a more organized and customer-friendly browsing experience, ensuring each guitar gets the attention it deserves in a luxurious setting.

✓ The VersaRack™: The Ultimate Flexible Display Solution for Retailers

Introduce the VersaRack to your showroom floor and discover the ultimate solution in adaptable guitar display. The VersaRack effortlessly transforms to various display configurations: guitar-only, case-only or hybrid.

three variations of the versarack holding guitars and cases, set against a white background

This stand’s innovative design not only enhances the visual appeal of your store but also acts as a floor model for a highly affordable product you can offer directly to your customers. Its cost-effectiveness paired with exceptional versatility makes it a valuable addition to your retail lineup, ensuring you can attract a wide range of buyers.

As Seen at These Fine Retailers

logos of 3 guitar shops superimposed over images wood guitar stands

Retailer Reviews

“folks are emailing and calling about it”“Just set this Carousel (multi guitar stand) up in my shop, Mighty Fine Guitars, in Lafayette, CA, took a picture and sent it up to Facebook and already folks are emailing and calling about it. Super-pleased with it.”

“Your racks are a great fit”“It is allowing us to keep our cases out on the sales floor with the guitars. It is a big store so organizing our floor space is of great importance. The next 2 racks will be used to store our back room guitars. Your racks are a great fit for us and we are very happy with the quality of the racks and the outstanding customer service we have received. Thanks again.” – Jeff H. (Pawn Shop Store Manager)

“very organized”“We love the rack which was very easy to put together… now our cases are sitting in the in the rack very organized… sadly they do hide the beauty of the craftsmanship.” – Lauren R. – Rhamblin Rhodes Music

Pictures from Retailers

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Final Thoughts: Elevate Your Showroom with Top Guitar Storage Products

As you have seen, our range of guitar storage solutions offers more than just practicality; they bring an element of sophistication and elegance to your retail space. By choosing from our curated selection of stands, racks, and display cases, you’re not just organizing your inventory; you’re transforming your showroom into a destination that resonates with musicians and collectors alike. Our products are designed to enhance the customer experience, showcase your guitars in the best possible light, and ensure safety and ease of access. We invite you to elevate your retail environment with Guitar Storage solutions, where each product promises to contribute to a memorable and engaging shopping experience for your customers.