Elevate Your Guitar Collection with Beautiful Wooden Guitar Stands

a multiple guitar stand made of red oak, with an f-hold cutout, filled with 5 guitars

Growing guitar collections demand both organization and style. Enter the world of our wooden guitar stands, where the richness of fine wood meets practical functionality. Explore our handpicked, American-Made 🇺🇸 range of multi-stands, single stands and case racks from GuitarStorage.com.

These storage solutions aren’t just racks; they’re transformative furniture pieces designed for the heart of your music room or studio. At GuitarStorage.com, we understand the power of a well-curated space. Discover how our meticulously crafted furniture harmonizes with your passion, elevating every chord and corner of your musical haven.

A man’s hands holding a piece of wood that was selected from a pile in the background.
Only the finest wood materials are selected for this collection of high-end instrument storage solutions.

Why Choose Wooden Guitar Stands?

The classic elegance of wooden guitar stands accentuates the aesthetic appeal of your instruments. These supports, which are made of premium wood, not only offer dependable support but also improve the aesthetic appeal of your instruments. Let’s explore a few of the main advantages of wooden guitar stands:

Aesthetics & Craftsmanship
Just as much as the instruments they house, wooden guitar stands are works of art, designed to add a dash of class to your home music room or recording studio thanks to their fine craftsmanship and elaborate decoration.

Customized to Fit Your Décor
You can choose the wooden guitar stand that best suits your preferences and the design of your room because they come in a variety of types and wood variations.

A red oak guitar stand guitar against a brick wall, next to a lamp and sofa
Unlike generic plastic or metal stands, a pretty wood rack can really make your music room pop.

Explore Our Collection of Wooden Guitar Stands

Now that you are aware of the benefits of wooden guitar stands, let’s examine the selection offered by GuitarStorage.com in more detail:

Innovative Design Meets Baltic Birch in the VersaRack™

three variations of the versarack holding guitars and cases, set against a white background

Introducing the VersaRack, our exclusive fully wooden guitar storage solution, meticulously crafted from 100% Baltic Birch. This standout piece is not only visually appealing with its clean, all-wood design but also uniquely functional, fitting together seamlessly without the need for metal connectors or screws. Affordably priced at under $200, the VersaRack offers the practicality of a cheap multi guitar stand with the warm look of premium Baltic Birch, making it an ideal choice for musicians seeking a reliable and attractive option. What’s more, with the guitar-rail add-ons it can easily morph from a case rack to a 6 instrument stand or a 3-and-3 hybrid solution as your needs change.

The Session™ Deluxe: Beautiful & Space-Saving Multi Guitar Stand In Red Oak, Walnut & Mahogany

The Session Deluxe guitar stand holding 7 instruments on a parquet  floor, next to a lamp and chair

The Session Deluxe is available in both 5 and 7 instrument capacities. Choose from Red Oak, Walnut Finish or our Special Edition with Ribbon Striped Sapele Mahogany 😲 sides with Red Oak rails. All Deluxe models feature a stunning herringbone inlay edging along the front-facing edges of the side panels. What’s more, the Session Deluxe is nitrocellulose safe to protect your prized vintage instruments.

The Session™ Standard: A Simpler Solution with Hardwood Rails & Cherry Wood Grain Finish

The Session Standard guitar stand holding 7 instruments, against the wall in a living room with coffee table, lamp and couch

The Session Standard features hardwood rails and simulated wood grain royal cherry sides. It offers you the same capacity and functionality as the Deluxe model above, but at a more economical price. Like the Deluxe version, it too is nitro safe to protect the delicate finish of your vintage instruments.

The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand: Space-Saving Storage Solution Featuring Sapele Mahogany & Herringbone Inlay

The Carousel Deluxe in the corner of a room next to a chair, console and old radio.

The Carousel Deluxe is a nitro-safe, 6 guitar stand, with a rotating base, that features decorative herringbone wood inlay edging, supports made from birch, and sapele mahogany wood surfaces – making it a beautiful addition to your music room, studio, man-cave or even retail shop.

The CrossCurve™ Deluxe Single Guitar Stand: Unique, High-End Stand Available in Sapele Mahogany and Hard Rock Maple

Side-by-side versions of the CrossCurve stand: one in a room with a piano, and one next to an amplifier

The CrossCurve Deluxe is a totally unique single guitar stand in that it allows you to display your guitar from the front AND from the side. In addition to selecting which orientation you prefer, you can also decide between two wood finish choices: hard rock maple veneer uprights with solid sapele mahogany cross-supports, or sapele mahogany veneer uprights with maple cross-supports. Both versions are nitro-safe and come with our signature herringbone inlay detail edging.

What’s More – Wood Guitar Case Racks

For the discerning musician who knows the unmatched protection of a guitar case, our wooden guitar case storage racks provide an elevated solution. We’ve crafted a selection of storage furniture that’s specially tailored to maximize your instruments’ longevity. With the same intricate inlays and beautiful wood surfaces as those products described above, our line of case racks ensure your guitars aren’t just stored — they’re showcased! Delve into a collection where durability meets elegance, ensuring your prized possessions remains shielded but easily accessible for their next performance.

The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Stand – A Blend of Form and Functionality with Multiple Wood Options

The Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Rack next to a red couch, glass coffee table, and wood cabinet.

Introducing the Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack, the epitome of the ideal marriage of fashion and use. This rack proudly shows your guitar cases, turning them into an impressive exhibit, elevating your storage to a higher level while de-cluttering your space.

This rack’s combination of elegance and fine materials make it a beautiful addition to any room’s decor. Like all our products, it is made from high-quality materials by USA craftsmen. Choose from Red Oak, Walnut Finish, or our Special Edition model that features Ribbon-Striped Sapele-Mahogany. What’s more, all Deluxe versions include a stunning herringbone inlay edging along the front-facing edges of the side panels.

The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case Rack – A More Modest Solution with Cherry Wood Grain Finish

The Studio Standard Guitar Case Rack next to a modern couch, lamp and coffee table

Elevate your space with the Studio Standard, a blend of function and style. Its hardwood rails, adorned in a cherry stain, and dowels ensure guitars stay upright and protected. The high-pressure laminate sides showcase a rich cherry wood grain finish, seamlessly fitting any decor. Ideal for studios or living rooms, this rack offers you swift access to your instruments while radiating sophistication. Prioritize protection and style with Studio Standard.


Are wooden guitar stands suitable for all types of guitars?

Absolutely! Acoustic, electric, and even bass guitars may all be used with our wooden guitar stands because of their adaptability . They are a wonderful solution for any guitarist, collector, or performer since they offer a safe and tasteful display option for different guitar shapes and sizes.

Are these guitar stands nitrocellulose safe for vintage instruments?

Yes they are! We use high-grade non-reactive felt and foam cushioning material, similar to bio-inert materials often used in medical devices. And we line ALL contact points with this material so nothing is left to chance.

How do I choose the right wooden guitar stand for my collection?

The number of guitars you own, the decor of your space, and your personal preferences all play a role in choosing your ideal wooden guitar stand.

What Our Customers Are Saying: Real Reviews from Satisfied Shoppers

  1. Beautiful and very well made!! Will definitely be buying a larger one very soon!

    Angela W

  2. Unlike others here and everywhere, my wife actually enjoys my guitar acquisitions. Therefore, I need some storage, and the more furniture-like the better. Very glad, after all my searches, I found Guitar storage. The "perfect" fit and finish for some of my/our collection. The pic below will show how good "furniture" looks with gorgeous Brazilian acoustics on it. Now, on to the electrics after we find a wall space in this home for them. Order forthcoming and we are elated at the looks, functionality and organization of our fine instruments. Thanks Guitar Storage for the perfect stand!

    Mike T

  3. Excellent product. Well built, sturdy, relatively light, and looks great. Very functional. I have 3 of the 7 guitar version. I’ve had a few others and this is by far the best.


Final Thoughts on Wooden Elegance

In a world full of countless guitar accessories and mediocre stands, our range of USA-Made guitar storage furniture stands out as an excellent gift for guitarists and collectors alike. Don’t just settle for the ordinary; opt for something that will be cherished and used for years to come. Browse our selection today to find the perfect gift for the guitarist or collector in your life!

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