Multiple Guitar Stands | For Acoustics & Electrics

Are your guitars cluttering up your space? Has your collection gotten too big for its britches? Are you seeking a more attractive and more organized way to display and access your instruments? Well, feast your eyes on the best multiple guitar stands around. These wood beauties will hold your acoustics, electrics (solid or hollow body), basses and banjos. They’re the most sturdy and decorative stands you’ll find. They take up less space than a bunch of single stands. And they make beautiful furniture pieces you’ll be proud to show off in your music room or studio – the type of product you can say “really brings the room together”.

They’re made by skilled AMERICAN craftsmen who are passionate about building you exceptional products. Every joint, every bevel, every neck holder has been meticulously designed. They’re made to last AND made to impress.

In summary, they’ll keep your floor space clear, your spouse happy, and your friends jealous. 🙂

And if you’re a searching for a great gift for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, etc… you’ll be sure to hit a home run with any one of these high quality presents for your guitar addicted loved one.

Note – with the exception of our Band Room Double-Stack™ below, all other guitar stands are nitrocellulose safe to protect your vintage instruments with the utmost care!


  • CAPACITY: 20 guitars
  • PRICE: $979 – $999
    • Ideal for studios and high-end collectors in need of safe and stable large-capacity storage of heavier solid body guitars as well as acoustics.
    • Dual cross-bracing for extra support.
    • Nitrocellulose-safe felt at all guitar contact points.
    • Specially designed cradles firmly hold instruments in place.
  • CAPACITY: 20 guitars
  • PRICE: $919 – $989
    • Ideal for schools, music programs and guitar players in need of large-capacity storage of lighter-weight guitars.
    • Alternate shelf position accommodates small or ¾-size guitars.
    • High-pressure laminate (HPL) sides with a brushed-aluminum finish.
    • Specially designed cradles firmly hold instruments in place.
  • CAPACITY: Holds 6 guitars. The optional upper Expansion Tier holds 6 more. Store and display 12 guitars in only 3 feet of space!
  • PRICE: $759 – $1,429
    • Revolving base allows for easy access in tight spaces. View all guitars from any angle.
    • Sapele Mahogany surfaces with herringbone inlay edging.
    • Fits in just 3 square feet of floor space.
  • CAPACITY: 4 or 8 guitars
  • PRICE: $629 – $729
    • Specially designed cradles firmly hold instruments in place.
    • Nitrocellulose-safe felt at guitar contact points.
    • Leather straps to secure the necks.
    • Heavy-duty wheels.
    • Black high-pressure laminate (HPL) sides with silver-tone edge trim and birch rails.
  • CAPACITY: 5 or 7 guitars
  • PRICE: $499 – $549
    • Nitrocellulose-safe felt at guitar contact points.
    • Walnut Finish, Red Oak or Sapele Mahogany
    • Imported herringbone inlay edging.
  • CAPACITY: 5 or 7 guitars
  • PRICE: $419 – $449
    • Nitrocellulose-safe felt at guitar contact points.
    • High-pressure laminate sides in a cherry wood grain finish.
    • Hardwood rails.
  • CAPACITY: 3 guitars
  • PRICE: $299
    • 3 high-gloss retro color options.
    • Sexy curved sides. Three-dimensional pickguard.
    • Nitrocellulose-safe felt at guitar contact points.


“I hit a homerun with this Christmas gift!”“Just a note to tell you how terrific the guitar rack is! It is beautifully made and I especially like the inlaid wood details. The design is thoughtful and practical and I cannot be more pleased with your product. My nephew loves the fact that it swivels and has it prominently displayed in his music studio, holding 4 guitars and a banjo. I hit a homerun with this Christmas gift! Thank you.” – Linda G.

“the absolute best quality products”“You have the absolute best quality products on the market by far for multiple guitar storage!” – Dave T., Cool Brick Studios (Carbondale, CO)

“definitely worth the money”“I am impressed by the excellent work and the good look… definitely worth the money.” – D.L.

“looks GREAT!”“It went together very easily and best of all it looks GREAT! I have it next to a Guitar Armoire and your rack is so superior… the guitars feel so much more stable in yours. I’m addicted to guitars so probably won’t be long until I’m back for another rack. I will send you some pictures once everything is in it’s place in my studio again. Thanks for a GREAT product!” – Gerry W. (New York)

“workmanship and quality are masterful”“The directions are perfect along with the packing. The workmanship and quality are masterful. I am proud to display my guitars in the unit.” – Bill G. (Connecticut)

“Absolutely love the rack”“Absolutely love the rack. It’s durable, solid, and looks great!” – Melvy S.

“they look gorgeous”“Thanks for the beautiful guitar racks — they look gorgeous in our apt and they hold a lot of guitars. i wanted you to know that i have referred a friend, paul to you. he saw the guitar racks last night and was very impressed. i lauded your friendliness, customer service, professionalism, follow – through etc” – Peter (Brookline, MA)

“amazed at how much space I can save”“The guitar stand has arrived… I’m amazed at how much space I can save… have all my favorite guitars displayed in the room… Thanks for an excellent product!” – Lawrence W. (Singapore)

“Very pleased”“Very pleased is an understatement :)” – Gary L. (UK)

“very satisfied”“The assembly was no problem and we’re very satisfied — it’s a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Thanks!” – Kathy M. (New Jersey)

“nice and practical”“How beautiful and nice and practical and GREAT the stands are that you make!” – Joyce B. (Pittsburgh, PA)

“very high quality”“It is very high quality and well worth the price.” – Mark W.

“blends right”“I love how it blends right in like a piece of the furniture.” – Tim S.