• Experience relief from clutter – storing up to 18 guitars or 20 cases in a small area
  • Steel-reinforced case rails provided maximum support for heavy loads
  • Enjoy your preferred shelf configuration: guitars only, cases only or hybrid
  • Feel comfortable about your instruments with uniquely shaped rails to cradle guitars securely
  • Gain peace-of-mind with nitrocellulose-safe materials at all guitar contact points
  • Easily move your collection around your space with the help of heavy-duty wheels with brakes
  • Trust in USA Made quality manufacturing

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The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks

Large Capacity Multi-Guitar & Case Stands For Collectors & Studios

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  • Experience relief from clutter – storing up to 18 guitars or 20 cases in a small area
  • Steel-reinforced case rails provided maximum support for heavy loads
  • Enjoy your preferred shelf configuration: guitars only, cases only or hybrid
  • Feel comfortable about your instruments with uniquely shaped rails to cradle guitars securely
  • Gain peace-of-mind with nitrocellulose-safe materials at all guitar contact points
  • Easily move your collection around your space with the help of heavy-duty wheels with brakes
  • Trust in USA Made quality manufacturing

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Space-Saving Double-Decker Guitar Shelves to Help You Declutter Your Music Room

Are you struggling with limited space in your home, retail shop, or recording studio? When your guitars and cases pile up, especially stacked on the floor or leaning against the wall, they create lots of clutter, making it challenging to quickly rearrange or access different instruments during busy sessions or peak business hours. This setup increases the risk of accidental damage and creates hazards in navigating your space.

To help you combat these challenges, the Session-Pro Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf Racks offer a robust, high-quality, mobile, American-Made solution for housing and transporting your collection of prized instruments. Ideal for professional musicians, music studios, retail shops and vintage collectors, this double-decker shelving system is designed to help you maximize your square footage in style.

Key Features of the Session-Pro Double-Stack Shelf Racks

Discover why the Session-Pro Double-Stack Shelf Rack is the go-to choice for bulk guitar storage and mobility:

✓ All-in-one Solution: Holds Your Acoustics, Electrics, Basses & Banjos

The Session-Pro Double-Stack is designed to hold most styles of electrics or acoustics, solid or hollow bodies, and basses too.

✓ Customize Your Shelf Configuration

Select from whichever option custom suits your storage needs the best:

CASES ONLY – Designed to hold up to 20 cases. Features steel-reinforced cross-rails which enable it to support heavy instrument cases. Includes two pick-shaped “bookends” to keep cases upright and stable. Vinyl edging on the rails help protect from scuffing.

GUITARS ONLY – Holds 18 guitars. Features uniquely designed cradles that keep your instruments ROCK-solid when moving the shelves.

HYBRID – This version has a shelf that holds up to 10 cases and a shelf that holds 9 guitars.

guitar shelves holding instruments and cases

✓ Nitrocellulose Safe Materials For Peace Of Mind

The Session-Pro is a nitrocellulose-safe guitar stand. All instrument contact points are covered with non-reactive felt. Why? Because some vintage guitars can have a nitrocellulose finish which can react with rubber or petroleum-based products. Many guitar stands on the market use materials that are NOT compatible with this type of finish and can cause deterioration and discoloration that can harm your guitar. So be very cautious when purchasing stands to make sure you know the materials they use are safe.

✓ Experience Effortless Mobility With Easy Transport

The Session-Pro comes with a sturdy rolling chassis, sporting heavy-duty wheels for added strength and security when moving the rack around your space. And wheel brakes allow you to lock the rack in position when you want it to stay put.

✓ Cherish Superior Quality American-made Craftsmanship

All Session-Pro Double-Stacks are made in the USA, designed and built to last by a passionate team of people who deeply care about your satisfaction. They feature sleek looking black high-pressure laminate sides with a chrome-look edge trim and attractive “F”-hole cutouts. The cross-rails are hardwood birch, reinforced by a double-brace design.

✓ Enjoy Straightforward Easy-assembly

The Session-Pro Double-Stack is easily assembled with just the hex wrenches (included) and a friend (not included).

✓ Shop With Confidence With Our Money Back Guarantee

Need further re-assuring? Read our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (click RETURNS tab above for details).


CAPACITY18 Guitars, Basses or BanjosUp to 20 Cases
(Case Size Dependent)
9 Guitars +
Up to 10 cases (Case Size Dependent)
DIMENSIONS66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D66 ½" W x 71 ½" H x 29 ½" D

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many inches of space are needed between the rack and the wall?
A: You can expect to keep the rack anywhere from 6-12″ from the wall in order to accommodate the lean of the cases. This will depend upon the size and shape of the case as well as how you position the case in the rack. If you purchase the guitar-only version, expect to keep it 4-8″ from the wall, depending on the type of guitar.

Q: What are the primary differences between this product and the Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar Shelves?
A: The Session-Pro Double-Stack is ideal for studios and collectors in need of large-capacity storage of high-end guitars and heavier solid body guitars and/or cases and features extra support brackets and nitrocellulose-safe neck holders. On the other hand, the Band Room Double-Stack is ideal for schools, music programs and guitar players in need of large-capacity storage of lighter-weight guitars and/or cases.

Q: Does the listed height of 71 ½” H inches include the wheels?
A: Yes it does.

Q: If CASES are placed on the top shelf, what are the ceiling height requirements?
A: The following are approximations that apply to the majority of cases in these categories:
Dreadnought cases: at least 78-80 inches*
Rectangular cases: at least 86-88 inches*
Dreadnought bass cases: at least 86-88 inches*
Rectangular bass cases: at least 96-98 inches*

*depending on case size

In addition, you can opt to remove the wheel kit and gain about 6″ of additional head room.

Q: If GUITARS are placed on the top shelf, what are the ceiling height requirements?
A: The following are approximations that apply to the majority of guitars in these categories:
Regular Guitars: 76-78 inches*
Regular Basses: 84-86 inches*
Dreadnoughts: Coming soon…

*depending on instrument size

In addition, you can opt to remove the wheel kit and gain about 6″ of additional head room.

Q: What materials are this product made from?
A: Black HPL sides with chrome-color trim and birch rails.

Q: What size doorway will this product fit through?
A: The rack will fit through doorways that are as large as 80 inches high and 33 inches wide. If you are trying to move it loaded with guitars and/or cases, you will need to add an additional 6-8″ of width, mostly for cases. But this is only an estimate and can vary with certain guitars and cases. The height should not be a problem unless you have bass cases which may require more headroom. Rectangular cases on the top shelf might require 86-88″ of height. Unless you are constantly moving the rack between rooms, it’s probably best to remove the instruments before moving it through a standard doorway.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?
A: Yes we do! Contact us for further details.

Q: Can this product be assembled by one person?
A: It could but it would be a challenge. We strongly advise having someone help to make assembly quicker and easier.

Q: In the guitar version, what type of instruments will fit?
A: All guitars with a curved bottom should fit without a problem. But instruments with extreme angular bottoms, such as Flying Vs, will not fit.

Q: Can the racks for the cases hold Gibson Flying V, Firebirds, Explorers and other odd-shaped cases?

Cases for Gibson Firebirds and Explorers should fit without a problem. Flying Vs should fit if one of the sides and the bottom of the case form a right angle. While not designed for it, Flying V cases with a wedge-shaped bottom may be able to be positioned to sit in the rack but it is not guaranteed.

Q: How many cases will fit on the case rails?
A: The case rails are designed to hold 10 guitars in their cases on each level. You may be able to fit additional cases on each level of case rails; however, if they are solid body or heavy electrics, we don’t recommend more than 10 per level as the rails may begin to bow.

Q: Can this product be assembled and used without the wheels?
A: Yes. We provide the wheels just in case the rack needs to be moved around a room but it can certainly be used without the wheels.

Q: Can the Session-Pro Double-Stack hold rectangular cases?
A: Yes, the case-only and hybrid versions can both hold rectangular cases.

Q: Will the shelves hold bass cases?
A: Rectangular bass cases can be used on the top shelf but they will not fit on the bottom shelf.

Q: How does the rack ensure that any rectangular cases are held upright and don’t tip over?
A: There is a specially-designed pick-shaped “bookend” that holds the guitar cases upright and together.

Q: In the hybrid rack (SPDGC), can the guitar cross-rails be placed on either level?
A: Yes, in the assembly instructions it will show that you can set it up on either the top or bottom – whichever custom setup you prefer.

Q: In either the hybrid or guitar only version, how do you place a guitar in the lower rack, or remove a guitar from the lower rack when the rack is fully loaded?
A: To place guitars in the bottom level you simply place the neck in the slot and the body will follow in the cradle. The opposite for removing it. Lift the body off the cradle so the neck clears and remove it.

Q: If I already purchased this product, and want to switch to a different configuration (cases only vs guitars only vs both) can I order a different set of rails?
A: Yes, you can. Please contact us when you are ready.

To Calculate Shipping: Click the “Add to Cart” button.

Delivery Timeframe: Your order should depart from our warehouse within 5 business days and is sent via UPS Ground. A tracking number will be emailed to you directly from UPS as soon as the shipment is en-route.

Payment Processing: We will not charge your credit card until the item is ready to ship.

If a product arrives damaged, please email us photos (required) of the damaged component and the box in which it was shipped and notify us immediately (i.e., within the first 15 days of your delivery date). We will ship you replacements for the damaged parts and issue return shipping for the damaged parts (if we require the damaged parts to be returned).

For non-damaged returns, we take pride in our craftsmanship, but if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it for a full refund (minus the initial shipping cost and return shipping cost). We must be notified via email within the first 30 days of your delivery date. All returns must arrive at our receiving location in perfect, unused, and resellable condition. Please notify us via e-mail as to the reason for the return as well as your name, address, order number and name of product purchased. We will then contact you with a Return Authorization # and instructions on where and how to make the return. Important: Please keep all original packaging to make the return.

NOTE: Please allow 15 business days from the time the item is returned to process a refund. Please note credit card refunds may not appear until the following billing cycle.


  1. Purchased based on the single-tier rack that I’ve used for years.
    Well built and packed; providing extra hardware was a nice touch (although not needed). It can be assembled and moved alone, although it takes some balancing. Very large for a family room (the family says it “looms”…but it’s also been the band practice area for years, so they like not having cases strewn about). It gets the job done with space for 12 “thinner” electric cases (Strat, Les Paul, Casino, Ibanez solidbody, Ric, etc.) per tier. Basses *can* fit in the top rack (and Dreadnought-shaped bass cases even fit on the lower one), but they fit better in the single-tier models–they don’t protrude as far out the back in the latter. Lifting cases up to the second tier can be a chore if one has a bad back or shoulder, but that’s just the nature of a two-tier system. Saved a ton of floor space!

    Chris M.

  2. So far this thing is fantastic! It is solid as a rock and it’s really nice having all of my guitars in one spot and not spread out all over! I haven’t had it long yet, but it’s well built, I suspect it will hold up well. If I had one complaint I would wish that it didn’t have to sit so far from the wall to accommodate the guitar cases, but it is what it is…

    Bart B.

  3. Perfect for my cases. Very sturdy and well made!

    Jay L.

  4. I purchased the double-stack case-only model and am very pleased with the rack. Assembly does require two people but is pretty straightforward. The construction is solid and I am confident that it will safely hold 22 guitars in cases. Would not hesitate to purchase another rack.

    Peter F.

  5. This thing is huge! Two holes had not been drilled on one of the cross members so I had to drill them. A helpful idea would be to letter or number each part on the end for easy identification. A magic marker would do the trick and make mistakes much less common when assembling. I have 23 guitar cases of mixed size and shape on the rack. those huge Gibson Firebird, Explorer and Fender bass cases do not fit. Love it!

    Kenneth B.

  6. The rack is great. Very sturdy and rolls easily. My only complaint was the difficulty of assembly. We looked on the website and youtube for an assembly video and couldn’t find one. It took us quite a while to construct it. A guiding video would have been helpful.

    brian g.

  7. It is an amazing product. It is my second one, that shows how satisfied I am. Being a collector and wanting to have my instruments safely stored and maintained this is by far the best product in the market.

    Sergio S. (verified owner)

  8. The rack is massive! Storage of this type is needed, so we will live with its size and rearrange the room to accommodate its bulk. It is sturdy, but we did have one issue with one of the cleats where the wheelbase attaches. When the directions say don’t screw too tightly, they mean it. The cleats are very shallow so a tight screw causes the cleat to pop out.

    Mitzi L.

  9. These are terrific. I bought one then ended up getting another. Great product and very sturdy.

    stephen a.

  10. I love this thing! It’s just what I needed to organize my 15 guitars in a corner (instead of all over the room)! I keep all of my guitars in cases, so I got the “all cases” model. It took a little thought to put together (make sure the slats are oriented correctly!) but it really went fine with no problems and I love it! Now my guitars aren’t in piles and when I want to play one I don’t have to go digging through the cases – they’re all accessible!

    Drew T.

  11. Best guitar storage product made. Highly recommend!

    Richard R. (verified owner)

  12. I got the cases only option. This is a quality product. It’s very sturdy and I can tell it will last a lifetime. It will probably hold more than 20 cases.

    The only criticism I have is that there should be separate directions for the cases only, guitars only, and hybrid options. That was a bit confusing. And labeling the parts would be nice.

    Minor quibbles aside, this is worth the money if you’re a serious collector.

    R S.

  13. This is a heavy, sturdy piece. The storage makes a guitar collection accessible while keeping it safe. It definitely takes two people to assemble it. But it goes together very well. I got the case only version. I’ve bumped the frame a fair amount while finding the optimum angle at which to insert and remove cases. So far it has held up fine.

    M M.

  14. It took some doing to get assembled but once done, it’s beautiful. Everything is sturdy but very easy to move around due to the large wheels.

    Frank H.

  15. I did a lot of research before ordering this. I ordered the hybrid guitar and case storage rack. Item was shipped quickly and i received it in just a few days. One of the sides was cracked so i emailed guitar storage and they responded right away and shipped out a replacement side that day. I have been really happy with the product and with the customer service.

    Kevin C.

  16. This is exactly what we needed. The directions were a bit confusing to start but we eventually figured it out and it looks and works great.

    Diane C.

    • Diane,

      Thank you for the kind words and also for the your thoughts on the directions. If you have time, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know if there were some things in particular that were giving you trouble in the directions that we can change, as we’re always looking to improve and the feedback we get from our customers is the most important way for us to do that.

      Thanks again!


  17. Works well, and it was easy to assemble

    Joshua E.

  18. It definitely works well so far. My complaints are that the directions are poor and that one of the black side boards came cracked. Poor quality control

    Steven S.

    • Steven,

      Thank you for your purchase. We’re glad you are enjoying the functionality. We’re sorry to see you encountered a problem with the crack. Having seen the pic you sent, this would never leave our shop like that and is indicative of shipping damage which we’ve seen before from UPS when it’s occasionally mishandled by them. Of course, had we known about it when you unboxed it, we would have been happy to send you a replacement side and would have made a damage claim for the side panel to UPS. We have gotten in touch with you to arrange compensation and hopefully everything will work out to your satisfaction.

      Regarding the instructions, if there’s anything specific you can point out to us that we can improve, we always welcome feedback so that we can constantly improve our products.

      Thanks again.


  19. Great way to store guitars, good quality & excellent design. Easy to assemble. Highly recommend if you have many guitars to keep safe. I love it!

    Gene Y.

  20. I never knew this existed. Then I saw it on line! It solved all my guitar storage problems.

    Ray J.

  21. Just what our music room needed made with high quality materials , loaded up with 20 guitars no sag anywhere My son and I put it together in a couple hours would definitely recommend

    Nick P.

  22. I got the two tier rack for instruments in cases. The rack is very well made. Sturdy construction. The wheels are large and make it very easy to move around. Very good product.

    Lloyd J.

  23. Wonderful, Perfect, Fabulous, Amazing. Wish I found this stand years ago. The team at guitar storeage is fabulous . I was missing few screws response time was unbelievable quick. Thanks for this great creation.

    Jack G.

  24. Excellent product but only given 4 stars because I was shorted 4 bolts

    Craig K.

    • Thank you for the feedback. We apologize about the mishap. Because we make so many of these racks, occasionally a miscount may occur and we greatly apologize if that happened to you. But any request for parts are normally shipped out immediately. Hopefully this has already been resolved for you.


  25. Very nice product, well-made, and not difficult to put together (I managed it by myself, but would have been a lot easier with a companion.) A minor issue with the milling on one of the parts was very quickly and efficiently rectified by an extremely responsive staff. High marks for service.

    Mark G.

  26. Love the simplicity of the storage cab. My cases are very happy in their new home.

    Thomas M.

  27. I LOVE my Guitar Rack ! I’m going to add another so I can get my other 24 guitars out of my living room…. great product but the instructions were a little vague in some steps. Overall 5 stars!

    Ken A.

  28. Incredibly well built, sturdy and reasonably easy to assembly – instructions could be improved with an “Ikea like” step by step with illustrations. I’m a collector, bought the first one to test, and will probably by a couple more because now my guitars are finally organized and protected.

    Sergio S.

  29. This review is based on my experience with the Session-Pro Double-Stack Case Rack. The concept is great and I really like having so many cases double stacked in one location, however, I have a number of issues which led to my two-star rating, which are as follows: 1) The back of the the unit can not sit flush against the wall because the headstock/neck portion of the cases protrude requiring up to 36 in of depth versus the 29.5 in on the spec sheet. 2) The back braces on both the top and bottom shelves are not strong enough to support cases leaning against it and have already started to bow. 3) Similarly, the vertical braces on both the top and bottom shelves are not strong enough to support cases sitting on them and have already bowed. 4) Whenever I attempt to roll the unit everything flexes and I feel it may fall collapse – and so I don’t move it. If it weren’t for the size, weight and complexity of disassembling, repacking and shipping I would have requested a return. Instead I chose to add additional cross supports to allow the guitars to sit at less of an angle which allows it so sit closer to the wall. I have also added additional bracing to help correct and prevent further bowing. All of this for home studio use. If this was for commercial use I would have had to return it.

    Robert M.

    • Robert,

      We’re very sorry you experienced a problem with the rack. You should not have. We have not seen this issue come up with other customers. We would have loved for you to contact us so that we could remedy the situation for you, possibly with a new set of cross-rails. It’s possible, as all wood is different, that there was something defective in that particular shipment. That would not have shown up during packing and we have not had other customers have that experience to let us know that a particular batch of wood was causing a problem. Also, by seeing some pictures, it might help us to make sure that other customers don’t experience the same problem. Overloading the rack with more than the recommended 10 cases could also cause this type of problem

      The spec sheet only shows the actual product dimensions, which we are required to show. All other pertinent information, including the distance needed from the wall (as well as height restrictions etc) can be found in the FAQS.


  30. I could use a couple more. The only issue is I would have to disassemble to get out of my residence.

    Gary M. (verified owner)

  31. Great product I wish I bought this years ago

    Chris D.

  32. Works perfect. Outstanding quality.

    Anthony K.

  33. This thing is fantastic! I wasn’t able to install the wheels because I need to keep bass/explorer cases on the top shelf and have low ceilings, but I’d still buy it again.

    Chris B. (verified owner)

  34. Aesthetically beautiful, structurally solid, and totally functional. My disorganization problems are finally solved. I highly recommend the pro level rack to everyone.

    Avrim T.

  35. My hybrid rack looks and works as I hoped from the pictures. Impressive, sturdy, and easy to swing around the room if and when needed. One note: if you have a drop ceiling, maybe have the cases on the bottom and the guitars up top. A few of my cases touch the ceiling.

    Joseph S.

  36. Great product. I’ve got two of the racks in my guitar room. Both hold more cases than advertised. These are great products for those of us with a ton of cases and who want their homes and storage areas to be better organized

    Mark P.

  37. Very easy to work with. They took care of a small problem I had with speed and care. The only thing keeping me from a 5 star rating is ease of assembly. It would be much easier and faster if there were part numbers on the ends of the rack bars.

    Vic B.

  38. AB-SO-LU-TE-LY love this guitar case storage. I am now at 18 guitars with some space remaining. Exactly what I needed.

    Rand S.

  39. Well, isn’t this a godsend for a disorganized collector (like me)! It does exactly what I needed it to do: take 20 guitars off the dining room floor and store them solidly and efficiently. Aesthetically, it looks fine, if a tad generic. I’m considering painting the side panels a snazzier color than black, but that’s just me.

    It is truly a massive piece and will dominate a smallish room.

    How much of the room am I seeing mine take up, then? (Your experience will likely vary a little.) The width is about 66″. With the case protrusions out the the back, the loaded unit needs about 42″ of depth. The tallest instrument on the upper level brings my height requirement to a good 84″. Fitting 10 instruments per level is very easy, but people with physical weakness may find using the upper level difficult.

    Building it was initially very frustrating until I realized that the pre-drilled holes for the barrel connectors are TOO LARGE, and the connectors fall out–because all the holes are pointed toward the floor! I don’t build items like this much at all, and I thought I was losing my mind, because my (limited) previous experience with them was that they always fit snugly. Once I recognized that it was about the holes and not me, it was a simple matter to put little wads of paper in the holes after inserting the connectors and then taping them down with masking tape until the screws could be inserted.

    Apart from that, putting it together was a snap. I did it solo and had no other issues, although the assembly instructions could be more clearly illustrated (I had to look too often to ensure I was using the right rail in the right place) and narrated. Everything fits together with admirable precision, although prudence does demand that you don’t jam-tighten everything down until the instructions say to do so. Use your guitar cases and amps to elevate and hold up the rails when you install them. You won’t need a second person if you do.

    I’ve pointed out a few concerns, so you might wonder why I give it 5 stars. Simply put: I assign the stars after all is said and done. Results are all that matter, and this is a big win for me.

    Closing note: I need two of these racks, but only ordered one in order to see how it went: if I was dissatisfied or unable to make a go of building it, I didn’t want to have to return two of them. So this first one was a great success, and once I finished building it, I immediately ordered another.

    Price: consider the value of your guitar collection. That’s all you need to do if you’ve read this far and are hesitant to pull the trigger.

    Paul O.

  40. I love my new Guitar Storage case rack. I considered trying to build one, but once I found this case rack I can get 20 of my guitars that are for sale at Southern Cross Guitars on a movable rack. This is my hobby/business that will keep me busy during my retirement. A very good investment either for business or for guitar collections. Couldn’t be happier. My wife and I put it together in about 2.5 hours with minimal tools. Thanks for a great product!!

    Clifford P.

  41. I own a small but very busy guitar repair shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, outside of Nashville TN. Case storage has always been an issue with me literally tripping over cases when I’m slammed with work. This Double Stack Rack has solved all my case and guitar storage problems. I even store my Erlewine Neck Jig in it! It hold lots of cases and guitars and it looks great too!

    Thom A.

  42. Exactly as is shown on the website. This is a sturdy unit that I predict will last years of service. I assembled it solo without too much of a problem. Great finishes and attention to detail. I’m very happy with the product. Love those casters!

    Rod A.

  43. I’ll give 4 stars for the storage system. A 1 for not delivering everything. As I put this together, I realized that there were no cross braces. I contacted the company; they were delivered two weeks later and then I realized they were short of hardware. Very disappointed with not including all parts necessary to assemble. Had this over a month and it’s still not all put together.

    Gene P.

    • Hi Gene. Thank you for your feedback. We were sorry to hear of the mishap. In this instance, we did fall short of the exceptional service we aim for and you deserve. We’re always working to improve our packing and shipping systems and procedures to ensure proper delivery and there is more work to be done, hence your incident. We hope you enjoy the assembled product and thank you very much for your business.


  44. Beautifully crafted and designed, my rack is the centerpiece of my studio and I trust it with my best guitars. Easy to put together in a few minutes and built to last a lifetime. Thank you!

    David B.

  45. Big fn big!

    Casey G.

  46. What a great storage unit. I collect Ovation guitars and keep them in their cases. This is the perfect solution for storing them off the floor as well as a space for a couple of amps and Cajon’.. Well built and pretty easy to put together with minimal help from a second person. Love it!

    Ed M.

  47. Great stand to store a collection of guitars. Excellent customer service!
    Thank you.

    Gregory E. (verified owner)

  48. Super high quality product, relatively straight forward to assemble, looks beautiful in our hallway, clients and staff are loving it!

    Matt M. (verified owner)

  49. This is a really big (tall) unit, and should fit all of our instruments on it. It was not too challenging to assemble. The wheels really help make this maneuverable. The wood pieces seem to be good quality. The black covered mdf sides had a couple minor defects that were cosmetic. We just hid those with black permanent marker. I expect it to last a long time unless people decide to climb on it.

    Kelly G. (verified owner)

  50. This stand exceeded my expectations. It is very high quality and holds all of my guitars. It has saved me a lot of space and I can even keep some gear underneath it as well. Highly recommended!

    Aaron S. (verified owner)

  51. Great Guitar Storage…. showcase my guitar collection beautifully

    Christinne H.

  52. I’ve had my double stack for the case’s only for a while now. First, the quality of the material is excellent. the setup was easy and the system holds my cases out of the way, freeing up room space. I love it.

    Donald P.

  53. I purchased a 20 case guitar storage unit and I was extremely pleased! Nice customer service, the product was sturdy, and pretty easy to put together. Just had to get it all upstairs! Very satisfied with the purchase, and the entire process. I recommend highly.

    Becky M.

  54. Great space saving storage unit. Easy to assemble and I have recommended this to my friends in need

    Bill F.

  55. The rack is extremely well built and super sturdy. You can trust your guitars to it.

    When you order you should keep in mind that the rack is quite large and will dominate the room. Make sure the height of your room’s ceiling can accommodate the height of the rack including the heavy duty size wheels.

    The owners were very helpful getting a snafu with my bank straightened out even though I placed my order on a weekend.

    The customer service that these folks exhibited was nothing short of exemplary. I highly recommend this product.

    Steve S.

  56. Outstanding rack. A bit much to put together without help and will not roll through normal home doorways, so built to stay in my in-home music room. Would be nice if there was simple breakdown to reduce width for moving

    Doug T.

  57. Great unit, looks great, sturdy and easy to assemble. Great people to work with.

    Scott O. (verified owner)

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