10 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players

Christmas guitar gifts

If you’re searching for an amazing Christmas gift a guitar player, here’s 10 presents that anyone with guitar acquisition syndrome is sure to love.

1. Fantasy Rock Camp
At Fantasy Rock & Roll Camp, your significant other can experience the lifestyle of a rock star. At this camp, he or she will be immersed in the rock and roll lifestyle and will learn from real-life rock stars who’re always stopping by as gust conselors. Your partner will be placed with others of the same experience and skill level while working with a mentor for the entire session. Attendees participate in master classes for instruments and vocals and will mingle with guest stars to get autographs and ask questions. Through this experience, your special someone’s skills will improve and lasting friendships will form as music is created. For more information visit www.rockcamp.com.

Rhythm & Blues Cruise

2. Blues Cruise
What (blues) guitar player wouldn’t love the opportunity to sail on the legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise for a week with you. This cruise is packed with talent gathered by blues industry veteran Roger Naber. On the first night of the outing, artists interact with each other on five stages, providing an opportunity for music that you’ll never hear anywhere else. The cruise also offers interactive workshops during which the artists highlight their expertise. Autograph signings allow your love to meet the stars in person. These cruises sell out fast, so reserve your cabin today at BluesCruise.com.

3. Concert Tickets
Find an artist who’s touring near you and buy a ticket for your spouse, and one for you too so you can show your enthusiasm and support. When giving the gift of concert tickets, make sure to buy from a reputable dealer. And give paper tickets so there remains a keepsake that can be framed after the show.

4. A New Guitar
If your spouse has more instruments than they could ever play, then they may be suffering from a wicket case of G.A.S. (guitar acquisition syndrome). The term was coined in 1996 by Walter Becker in an article in Guitar Player magazine and is defined as an obsession with obtaining more guitars, no matter the cost. G.A.S. can catch collectors unaware as it often creeps up and is highly contagious. It even extends to other gear like amps, peddles, etc… To show you understand this obsession, you may wish to add to your significant other’s collection.

rock and roll hall of fame

5. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Membership
A membership to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland makes a great gift too. As part of their membership package, your loved one will receive free admission to the R.R.H.O.F. for one year, plus exclusive members-only benefits. Exhibits often change, so multiple trips to the museum can be justified. In addition to these benefits, membership to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame provides support that allows exhibitions to be made public and for investment in the arts. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offers award-winning educational programs for everyone from toddlers to adults. To learn more or purchase a membership for your guitar enthusiast, visit https://www.rockhall.com.

6. Music Lessons
If your love has always wanted to learn to play guitar or to improve his or her skills, then look to True Fire for online guitar lessons. Lessons are offered in all musical genres and for all skill levels. Private lessons are given with personalized, one-on-one instruction from an experienced guitarist. Jam sessions are also available too!

7. Method Books
Consider getting Dad a guitar method book, so he can learn all the RIGHT skills the RIGHT way. Playing by ear is fine but it’s so important to know how and why to put certain notes and chords together. A little musical theory and lessons in proper technique go a long way to teaching the most efficient and logical way to play a riff or a song, so those skills can carry over to other songs. Check out www.HalLeonard.com for a large selection of these products.

8. Artwork from Etsy
If you know Etsy, you know they have a lot of really cool craft pieces for any interest. Do a quick search on their site for “guitar art” and checkout all the guitar related photos, decals, paintings, sculptures, etc… You’ll be sure to find some pretty neat pieces.

9. Guitar Straps
What good is an instrument if you can’t perform with it – and perform in style! Reverb.com has a great selection of all sorts of different guitar straps, from leather to psychedelic style to snakeskin.

guitar stand for christmas

10. Guitar Storage Furniture
Guitar storage furniture make a great gift for the musician who already has all the instruments they can handle, but no room to store them. From multi-guitar stands to case racks to wheeled carts and more. Find an amazing present for your guitar lover right here. Don’t take our word for it – read these customer reviews:

“As a vintage guitar collector, I’ve been looking for a nice piece of furniture that my wife would let me keep in the den to store my guitars. I got a great christmas gift and so did she.” – Jack C.

“I hit a homerun with this Christmas gift!” – Linda G.