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Welcome to, where we specialize in transforming cluttered spaces into organized sanctuaries for your cherished instruments. Our home guitar storage solutions are meticulously designed to maximize your living space, keeping it neat and clutter-free, while ensuring the utmost safety for your guitars. Whether you’re a hobbyist with a single beloved instrument or an enthusiast who suffers from an acute case of guitar acquisition syndrome, our diverse product range is tailored to meet your needs. We understand that your guitars are more than just musical tools; they’re valuable treasures that require proper care and protection.

Our innovative and American-Made 💪 storage solutions are crafted not only to reduce clutter but also to provide a secure environment for your guitars. From sleek, space-saving stands that fit neatly in any corner to robust racks offering optimal protection, each product is a blend of functionality and elegance. By choosing any one of these top storage options, you’re choosing to safeguard your instruments against potential damage while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Let be your partner in creating a harmonious, organized space where every guitar is safely stored yet ready to be played at a moment’s notice.

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack: Space-Saving Storage for Large Collections

The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Guitar Shelf Rack is a dream come true for homeowners with extensive guitar collections but limited space. Its innovative double-decker design maximizes vertical space, allowing you to store more guitars in less room.

Before vs After comparison of using the Session Pro guitar shelf system

Like all products, the Double-Stack can fit most popular instruments. It’s an ideal stand for acoustic guitars, ensuring they are stored with the care and precision they deserve AND its versatile design makes it one of the most sought-after electric guitar stands too, perfectly accommodating their unique shapes and sizes.

What’s more, the rack’s mobility feature adds convenience, enabling easy rearrangement to suit your room’s layout or for cleaning purposes. Robust and reliable, it ensures the safety of your prized instruments while keeping them easily accessible. This stand is the perfect blend of practicality and sleek design, fitting seamlessly into any home environment.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. Great product. I've got two of the racks in my guitar room. Both hold more cases than advertised. These are great products for those of us with a ton of cases and who want their homes and storage areas to be better organized

    Mark P

  2. Aesthetically beautiful, structurally solid, and totally functional. My disorganization problems are finally solved. I highly recommend the pro level rack to everyone.

    Avrim T

The Carousel™ Deluxe: Aesthetically Pleasing, Rotating Guitar Stand

The Carousel™ Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand is an ideal solution for elegantly displaying guitars in a way that also serves as a stunning piece of furniture. Its rotating base allows for effortless access to each guitar 🎸 making it as practical as it is visually appealing. Designed to be placed centrally or in a corner, it serves as a striking focal point in any room.

The Carousel Deluxe in the corner of a room, next to a chair and old radio

Crafted with attention to detail, this stand combines functionality with an artistic touch, transforming your guitar storage into an impressive display. It’s perfect for those who view their guitars as both instruments and art.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. My wife got me the carousel for my birthday. A year later I had acquired several more guitars I had on old Hercules stands all over the room. She said I should get another carousel so I jumped at the opportunity and cleared up the guitar clutter. Now we’re both very happy. The carousel guitar stands are the most affordable, efficient and nicest way to store a collection that I’ve ever seen.

    Bob R

  2. During my recent search to find a solution for displaying my guitars that did not require drilling into existing walls or storing in a long, multi-guitar stand masking their beauty, I located the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand by GuitarStorage. Game changer!! Assembly was quick with clear instructions provided. Now I have a beautiful piece of furniture that allows me to rotate the stand to view my collection and enjoy all of my guitars daily in only a 3 ft. space.

    Frank C

The Session™ Deluxe: Elegant Multi-Guitar Stand for Stylish Homes

The Session™ Deluxe Multi Guitar Stand is a perfect match for homeowners seeking to enhance their home decor with a touch of elegance. Made from fine woods, it stands out as a piece of furniture that elevates your room’s ambiance.

wooden multiple guitar stands line the wall, along with wall hangers

This stand allows for the compact yet stylish display of multiple guitars, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal. It’s not just about storing your instruments; it’s about showcasing them in the most sophisticated way possible. The Session™ Deluxe is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer details in both design and function.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. Unlike others here and everywhere, my wife actually enjoys my guitar acquisitions. Therefore, I need some storage, and the more furniture-like the better. Very glad, after all my searches, I found Guitar storage. The "perfect" fit and finish for some of my/our collection. The pic below will show how good "furniture" looks with gorgeous Brazilian acoustics on it. Now, on to the electrics after we find a wall space in this home for them. Order forthcoming and we are elated at the looks, functionality and organization of our fine instruments. Thanks Guitar Storage for the perfect stand!

    Mike T

  2. Love this stand! It looks great, works perfectly, and keeps my guitars accessible. Very easy assembly, even for a mechanically challenged guy working solo. Only problem was that it held 7 guitars and I only had 6, which made me want one more... Now it's full.

    Dennis T

The Session™ Standard: Affordable & Attractive Multiple Guitar Storage

The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stand offers an affordable yet stylish solution for storing multiple instruments. It’s designed for those who desire the elegance of the Deluxe version without the premium price tag.

wood guitar stand in a living room next to rug, coffee table and couch

This stand strikes a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and visual appeal, making it ideal for emerging collectors or smaller spaces. Quality craftsmanship ensures that your guitars are not only securely stored but also displayed with a touch of class. The Session™ Standard is a testament to the fact that style and affordability can indeed go hand-in-hand.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. I am the very proud owner of a a Sessions Multiple Guitar Stand and could not be happier. It is designed to take VERY good care of the instrument, yet keep it accessible so I have zero excuses to not pick it up and practice. It is also beautiful and great craftsmanship, as it has moved with me thru 3 different locations. I highly recommend this stand to any and all guitarists!

    Brian N

  2. A really nice and very functional piece of furniture. Been using for over 9 years.

    John M

The Studio™ Deluxe Case Rack: Luxurious Storage for Cased Instruments

The Studio™ Deluxe Case Rack is the epitome of luxury 💎 in guitar case storage. It’s designed for those who prefer to keep their guitars in cases while also wanting to add an elegant furniture piece to their home.

The Studio Deluxe case rack in a living room next to a couch and modern lamp and under two modern paintings on the wall

With a sophisticated design that complements any room decor, this rack turns guitar storage into an attractive display. It combines the protection of a case with the accessibility and beauty of a wooden rack. For the discerning guitarist, the Studio™ Deluxe offers an unparalleled blend of protection, aesthetics, and functionality.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. This is one of the best guitar accessory purchases I've ever made. My 7 guitars take up very little space. I bought the red oak. Looks like really nice piece of furniture you can put in any room in the house. I had a friend help me put it together.

    Mark E

  2. Greatest guitar racks ever. I ordered 4 of them, very easy to build !!! I highly recommend these.

    Scott B

The Studio™ Standard Case Rack: Economical Elegance for Guitar Cases

The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case Rack offers an economical yet stylish way to keep your guitars in their cases. This rack is ideal for guitarists who prioritize both safety and aesthetics but at a more modest price than the Studio Deluxe.

The Studio Standard Guitar Case Rack next to a modern couch, lamp and coffee table

Its streamlined design ensures a practical yet visually pleasing addition to your home 🏠 marrying functionality with elegance. This rack provides easy access to your instruments while maintaining a tidy and attractive living space. For those seeking a balance between cost and style, the Studio™ Standard is a perfect choice.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. Small house, lots of instruments. This is the perfect solution. Four guitars and three banjos up off the floor and easily accessible.

    GatorDome F

  2. I bought this guitar case stand for my husband who has several cases that keep marking up the walls. Thank heavens he liked it and is actively using it, so no more marked up walls. Very happy.

    Deborah L

The ShowCase™ Deluxe Display Case: Wall-Mounted Elegance for Prized Guitars

The ShowCase™ Deluxe Display Cabinet is designed for those who wish to highlight a special instrument on their wall. This case is not only protective but also adds a touch of elegance, turning your guitar into a focal point of the room.

three men admiring electric guitars in display cases adorning the walls

It’s ideal for displaying an autographed guitar or a highly valued collectible, offering both visibility and security. The case enhances the presentation of your instrument, ensuring it’s seen as a piece of art. For anyone looking to showcase a prized guitar, the ShowCase™ Deluxe is the ultimate display solution.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. This case is the highest quality I’ve ever seen.. simple to wall mount and worth the price! Bought it for my new show guitar that was given to me at a KISS concert by the band members. I highly recommend it for your most prized guitar.

    Lenny P

  2. Excellent product. The lighting and climate control are outstanding features as is the quality of construction and finish. I have 11 guitars in high end display cases and my 2 Showcase Deluxe Guitar cases stand out among them all. Very impressive.

    Don S

The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger: Space-Efficient & Stylish

The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger is an excellent choice for efficiently utilizing wall space while displaying guitars elegantly. It’s designed for those who want to keep their guitars off the ground and out of harm’s way, yet still prominently displayed.

8 electric guitars hanging from wooden wall hangers

Its sleek design and sturdy construction make it the perfect solution for hanging guitars in a compact area, without compromising on style. This wooden wall mount transforms a simple wall into a beautiful guitar exhibit, enhancing the decor of any room. It’s ideal for homes where floor space is limited but the passion for guitars is boundless.

Real Customer Reviews

  1. I purchased mine in 2013. After an extensive search of the internet, this was definitely the best looking system.

    Matt D

  2. I have been extremely pleased with the wall mount hanger. It looks great, is very sturdy, and it displays my guitars safely. I eventually may need to get another one as my collection grows.

    Jan P

The VersaRack™: The Thrifty Musician’s Choice for Home Decor

The VersaRack shines as an ideal choice for those seeking an inexpensive multi guitar stand, beautifully crafted from Baltic Birch for a natural, warm look. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any home setting, its modular design allows it to transform from a multiple guitar stand to a case rack or a combination of both, catering to the evolving needs of your collection.

three variations of the versarack holding guitars and cases, set against a white background

The VersaRack’s 100% wood construction not only enhances your decor but also provides a stable and protective environment for your instruments, whether on display or securely stored in their cases. For the home where music and design are celebrated, the VersaRack offers a perfect harmony of form, function, and affordability.

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Summary – Transform Your Space: Elegance and Order in Harmony

In conclusion, our diverse range of guitar storage solutions at is meticulously crafted to address two key aspects of any music lover’s home: organizing a cluttered space and infusing it with elegance. Each product in our collection is designed not just to store your guitars safely but to transform and elevate the aesthetics of your room. Whether you’re accommodating a large collection with the Session-Pro™ Double-Stack, showcasing a prized piece in the ShowCase™ Deluxe, or adding a touch of sophistication with the Carousel™ Deluxe, our solutions ensure your space is both clutter-free and stylish. Embrace the harmony of elegance and organization in your home with, where every guitar is given its rightful place of honor and beauty.